hi everyone,
(forgive my poor english :) )
I’ve already browsed topic about pcmreadcallback features/problems but my case seems different.

Let me explain the context first :

I try to use Fmod only as a renderer, which could play sounds I produce with a substractive synthesis implemented in Python.

The sound I produced are placed in a C short int buffer(by a Python/C wrapper ) I would like to send to Fmod in order to have it played by fmod itself.
So it seems to me that it is RAW data that comes periodically to this buffer. (lets call it my_data

My questions are :

-how can I make fmod read my data ? I mean the callback is invoked following the need of fmod to fill his buffers, but I’d like to invoke the read myself, as soon as I filll my data buffer by a set_my_data . I can’t have the whole sound loaded into memory because I need to change it dynamically on very short periods (such as 512- 1024 samples)

-the datalen of pcmreadcallback routine appears to be variable, most of the time 16384 but sometimes less. Is it due to callaback philosophy or can we set it to a static value ?

I hope my questions are clear enough (I’m a totally fmod newbie)


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