I’m looking into FMOD to see if it’s a viable tool and engine for the games we’re working on here.

In looking through the documentation and the app itself, I have these questions:

  1. What are sustain points?

  2. How would I create this intended sound in FMOD?

I currently have 2 sets of wave files that form a "glass break sound" and each set is made up of 3 distinct sounding wave files.



The 3 waves in each set accomodate variations within a sound.

The first set (as a sound) will start playing immediately when triggered. For the second wave set (the "end" sound), I want to be able to offset the "end" set of sounds by a certain amount or, better yet, start the end set of sound within a random range (say, .250 of a second to 1 second).

Really, the big question is…can I offset playback of a sound and am I able to control that offset time through FMOD designer?

  1. I’ve heard rumors of a more comprehensive interactive music system that will be part of FMOD (and accessible through Designer?). Is this true? If so, can I find out about what features will be supported? Also, when will it be functional?

  2. Is there support for multi-channel wave files (like 5.1)?

  3. Is there obstruction and occlusion support (in the engine)?

  4. Is there general plug-in support (not talking about audio but more like if we wanted to create our own support for version control) that we could take advantage of within Designer?

  5. Are there any type of limitations concerning asset count? Example…is there a limitation on the number of wavebanks we can have?


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Thanks Brett!

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The only plugin support we were thinking of right now for designer was a ‘tools’ plugin that allows you to control event playback, as the ‘engine designer’ does, but with more flexibility and maybe better controls (ie a directinput plugin that allows the designer to rev a car engine model with a joystick / footpedal setup instead of a mouse.[/quote:nyfetve0]

Hello Brett,

I am new to FMOD and I would like to use the FMOD Designer car engine for a show car project.

Some months ago you were talking about that pedal input (quote above).

I would need a footpedal input for reving up the engines RPM.

I can’t build it with a mouse input like it is now, nor can’t I use the event language.

Do you have that footpedal input ready as a plugin please ?
When could be the release date ?

My idea is to use the signal of the RPM tacho of the real car to produce a fake sound with the FMOD Designer.
It sounds so great with the correct sound samples. 😆

Thank you very much.


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I am sorry to dig out that old thread but I am still interested in that pedal input option (see my post above please).

Have you implemented that plugin in the meantime or will that be on the list for the near future ?

Thank you. :)


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The idea of having MIDI interactivity with FMOD Designer has been talked about, but unfortunately we have no current plans to implement this or any foot pedal interactivity in the near future. There are many more higher priority tasks for us to take care of first.

Incidentally there has been some recent talk in the office after writing my above reply, while we have no current feature list or dates, we are talking about the possibilities of MIDI interaction again.

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