hi every one.

I’ve met a problem while creating a sound from a midi file.

it’s a file in which i’ve inserted tempo redefinition tags in several places(always after a note off tag). when i create the sound in Fmod, it’s loaded but the end of the file is not reached during the playSound, it stops far too early (about 6s on a file of 9s).
the getLength method on it returns a length of about 6s while winamp give me around 9s.

I think that my .mid file is correct because, winamp, windows media player, and my midi editor can play it and reach it’s end every time i tried.I’ve also tried on different computers with different hardware.

I’m in trouble, because there is no Fmod error i could analyse , the prog dosn’t crash but just cut my midi sound before it’s end.

I guess it’s a problem with createsoundexinfo or fmod_mode (maybe not enough memory allocated during decoding ?), but i’m still a newbie with all the features.

Any idea ?
(i hope my question is precise enough)


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