FModEx Version: 4.04.08 win

I’m currently working on a game and we have an options screen which has options to disable all music or all sound effects.

I thought that if I created channel groups to put each of the sound channels into and setting the volume to 0.0 (setVolume() not overrideVolume()) would take care of this.

I haven’t been using FModEx for very long so I’m unsure if there is a better way to disable a set of sounds within the game. Is FModEx able to do this or do I have to do write code to handle this? It just seemed like channel groups was a good place to do this functionality :).

I found that when I did this, the music is "enabled" and "disabled" when ever u change the option but when I go into the game and then back to the main menu, the sounds a playing again.

I’m assuming this has to do with me stopping the sounds (channels) and thus the channels are invalidated. But I thought that when I played the sound again and place the channel into a channel group at this time, the channels volume would be multiplied with the volume of the channel group, thus rendering the sound at volume 0.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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