New features due to development release! stable version is also updated!


29/06/06 1.4.11 – Development release update.

  • Added event "3D Pan Level" property
  • Added "Reverb" view. Sound designer can now design and preview named reverb presets that the programmer can use at runtime
  • Added event "Fadein time" and "Fadeout time" properties
  • Added wave bank "Max streams" property
  • Added default event "Oneshot" property to Preferences dialog
  • Added "Edit->Clean project" to remove unused sound definitions and waveforms
  • Added alt-leftclick on an event in event hierarchy in event form to play that event (leftclick event to stop it)
  • Added "Play" button to "New sound" dialog for previewing sound definitions
  • Added doubleclick on waveform in waveform list view in wave bank view to navigate back to sound definition that uses that waveform
  • Added "Goto event" in sound definition context menu to navigate back to the first event that uses this sound definition
  • Added event templates
  • Added "key off" button per parameter in Event Player
  • Added "Audio source directory" project property
  • Templates update automatically when template properties are changed
  • Added event "3D Speaker Spread" property. Use "Audition 3D" dialog to preview.
  • Added event "Oneshot" property. Event will automatically stop playing when all sounds are finished.
  • Added per-waveform compression quality in wave bank screen.
  • Added "Programmer sound" sound definition entry. Use event callback to feed external sounds into an event at runtime.
  • File->Open dialog remembers last directory opened from.
  • Added parameter "Seek speed" property. Use this to make EventParameter::setValue() seek the cursor to the specified value over time.
  • Added confirmation dialog to "Lay out sounds evenly" function.

  • Fixed problem with relative paths in project "Build directory" property

  • Fixed "Audio source directory" issues
  • Fixed certain validation dialogs sometimes coming up twice
  • Fixed problem with volumes reverting to previous setting in network audition mode
  • Fixed event player initialisation code to be more robust
  • Fixed 3d spread not previewing correctly
  • Fixed Sfx Reverb problems
  • Fixed Preferences dialog always prompting for a restart
  • Fixed effect mute state not restoring properly on project load
  • Fixed graphical corruption on some line edit widgets
  • Fixed problem where effect mute was not working
  • Fixed random volume/pitch not remembering values
  • Removed "Synchronize files" menu item
  • Fixed build dialog platform setting sometimes not matching up with project platform setting.
  • Output mode set to "No sound" for command line builds.
  • Removed parameter "Minimum value" and "Maximum value" from "Parameter Properties" dialog.
  • Removed OpenAL output mode.

  • Speaker levels default to 0dB left/right isntead of -3dB

  • Changed name of "Speaker spread" effect to "3d Speaker spread"
  • Speaker levels properties can now be modified for 3d events
  • Changed default event "Max playbacks behavior" property to "Steal oldest".

29/06/06 1.4.10 – Stable release update

  • Update for fixes in FMOD Ex low-level library

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

See programmers API revision.txt for updates in FMOD Event runtime engine / API.

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A potential data-loss problem was found in this release and a new version has been uploaded. Please download this version again and make sure it’s dated "Jul 3 2006" in the "About" box.


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