Hi! congratulations for the forum and Fmod dll, bot are the best!.

Sugestion: Create a sub-foro into fmod x.xx forum called "Mi First Code Example" and put in all "finished code" for questions most frecuenty.

  • "Record & Play Line In" –> VB —> Delphi –> C+
  • "Show Spectrum Real Time" –> VB —> Delphi –> C+
  • "Record to wave file" –> VB —> Delphi –> C+
  • etc. etc.

The code to be ready for copy and paste in developer eviroment.

Any people first vist it sub foro, if no responce for you question or problem go to general forum.

It’s only a simple sugestion. Sorry for my english, I’m Argentino… :roll:

and remember… yours are the best !!! 😀

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For fmod 3.75, you can look in the frequently asked questions forum for the most common stuff, good idea though.

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