Hi all..
I’m very new to Sound programming.I ‘m trying to achieve the following.
All i need to do is record sound (in PCM format) in real time, process those samples
with some calculations like ( u know create a virtual echo by an algorithm ) and send it to a file or to a client program .

Please let me know how i can go about this.
I’m very new to c++ programming also.

But i’m usiing MSVc++ 6.0 to complie C programs.

I would be really grateful if u can give me some source code or a methodical overview of what i should do

thanks a lot in advance.


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Hi Brett,

Thanks a bunch. I would go through that immediately!!
Thanx for the all the efforts.

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Hi Brett…
But how do I write the data passed by the dsp call back…. I mean i didn’t exactly get what u said in your previous reply…
Please do clarify!!
Thanx in advance

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