• Stable branch 4.04.16 also released.
  • Note, dev branch also includes fixes from stable branch. See below for details.


21/7/06 4.04.17 – Dev release update

  • Wii – Added access to extra reverb slot for DPL2 High Quality reverb.
  • Wii/GameCube – Added FMOD_Channel_SetLowPassFilter/FMOD_Channel_GetLowPassFilter
    functions (in fmodwii.h and fmodgc.h) for hardware per channel low pass

  • Fixed Prologic 2 encoding on software mixer for 3d sound and setSpeakerMix.

  • Fixed stall on Channel::stop when stopping a streamed sound while others were
  • GameCube/Wii/PSP – Fixed Sound::release() not releasing hardware sounds
  • Fixed click on end of one shot sounds with FMOD_CREATECOMPRESSEDSAMPLE.

  • Event API : Fixed EventI::getNumProperties not always returning correct value.

  • Event API : Fixed eventsystem plugin loading to occur in EventSystem::init.
  • Event API : EventSystem::setPluginPath can now be passed NULL to tell FMOD
    not to load any plugins.

17/7/06 4.04.16 – Stable release update

  • Software mixer speedup.

  • Increased thread stack sizes to 32kb to properly fix mp3
    stack overflow issue when playing mp3 on non PC platforms.

  • Divide by zero fix in FMOD_DSP_PITCHSHIFT filter.
  • Fixed setSpeakerMix making sound audible when > 0 values were sent to
    non existant speakers.
  • Fixed certain hardware FSB streams not playing correctly
  • Fixed WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE wav files not loading on big endian machines.
  • PS2 – Fixed hang in file close if file wasnt found.
  • PS3 – Fixed Ogg Vorbis support.
  • Xbox 360 – fixed small 1 frame XMA files not triggering sometimes.
  • Xbox 360 – fixed "music" channelgroup causing crash when starting
    dashboard music.
  • Xbox – Fixed linker error.

  • Event API : Fixed crash related to sound definition pitch randomisation.

  • Event API : Fixed problem loading FEVs created by newer version of FMOD Designer.
  • Event API : Fixed problem when calling EventSystem::load with a path instead of
    a filename while media path is NULL.


This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Right, seems to depend on some conditions.
So I got this problem with both DSound/Waveout, I currently managed to reprocude the problem for Waveout (FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WINMM):

  • Open the vb6 playstream example
  • add this before the init call in the form_load procedure
    result = FMOD_System_SetOutput(System, 7)
    ERRCHECK (result)
  • Add 2 buttons (Command1/2):
    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim result As FMOD_RESULT
    result = FMOD_Channel_SetVolume(Channel, 0.99)
    ERRCHECK (result)
    End Sub

    Private Sub Command2_Click()
    Dim result As FMOD_RESULT
    result = FMOD_Channel_SetVolume(Channel, 0.05)
    ERRCHECK (result)
    End Sub

  • (optional) use a longer mp3 for playback
  • Run the program, press Play, then press Command1 (99%), then Command2 (5%)
    (Ignore the stuttering on Win9x :)
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I just followed your instructions for modifying the playstream example and am still not able to reproduce this problem you are having.

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I’m using win32 4.04.16 and I found a bug in the software mixer where 3D sounds played on the software mixer no longer respond to position changes after the listener gets close to them. It’s almost as if the sounds "attach" themselves to the listener if it passes nearby.

To reproduce just open the 3D example and move the listener past the software sound (the drumloop). The sound will then play as if it was 2D. Hardware based sounds seem to work fine.


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Thanks i just fixed that for the next release.

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Just tested my player with fmodex 4.04.16, and somehow the Channel_SetVolume doesn’t work properly… seems i can increase, but once increased I cannot decrease volume…
4.04.17 and older versions too (up 4.04.10). If that’s a bug, does it exist in 4.04.14 too??? (I missed that version) (tested on Win98/2000(!))

Btw, with your dev/stable releases, I wonder if for example 4.04.16 is based on 4.04.15 (including 15er fixes/changes)? And are the dev releases for testing issues while the stables are meant for ‘shipping’?

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Simply setting the volume does not reproduce any problem like you said. You will have to show a simple way to reproduce that.

even number releases are stable, and are only updates of other even number releases. The even and odd releases are totally separate branches and odd (dev) includes new features.

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