I’m using Sound::getSyncPointInfo() in a syncpoint callback function. Here’s how I’m calling it:
[code:1boz247k]char pszSyncPointName[256];
FMOD_RESULT res = pSound->getSyncPointInfo(pSyncPoint, pszSyncPointName, 256, NULL, FMOD_TIMEUNIT_MS);
if(res != FMOD_OK)
return FMOD_OK;[/code:1boz247k]

The problem is that getSyncPointInfo returns FMOD_ERR_INVALIDPARAM, BUT it sets the pszSyncPointName value properly. If I give it an unsigned int offset pointer, then it returns FMOD_OK.

According to the documentation:

Address of a variable to receieve the offset of the syncpoint in a format determined by the offsettype parameter. Optional. Specify 0 or NULL to ignore.

Since I don’t care about the actual offset of this syncpoint in this case, it seems to me that it should fill in the name, and return FMOD_OK.

In the meantime I’ll just pass in an unused offset, but can this be fixed for a future version? (Tested with v4.04.23.)


  • Guy
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Thanks Guy, that’s been fixed for our next release.


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