let me first congratulate you to an excellent music and sound library! In just 5 minutes I had a running MFC application that uses FMOD to play back and mix mp3 files (which is truly amazing, usually it takes hours to start working with a new toolkit…).
I’m mainly developing applications for Windows but recently started to program for the PocketPC (iPAQ and Co.; they basically run WinCE3.0)). The problem is that there is no such thing as DirectX, so I was wondering how much effort it would take to port FMOD to this platform (Windows Media player 7.1 is available for those devices so they have sufficient sound capabilities…). Since it is Windows based (most win32 API functions also work on the pockPC as well as a subset of MFC) I could imagine that it would be doable. I’d be glad to assist if there’s interest in doing such a port. I think it would also benefit Firelight since there is a huge developer community for the PocketPC out there (especially games); a library such as FMOD is clearly missing.
Thanks for listening….


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