I’m having some trouble with creating a program that loads in RAW data, that has been written to the disk by a dsp before.
My simple DSP:
void*Callback(void *originalbuffer, void *newbuffer, int length, int param)
fwrite(originalbuffer, length, 1, file);
Now I have a file with raw data… But I can’t load it with FMOD.
I use FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile with FSOUND_LOADRAW and FSOUND_STEREO and also FSOUND_16BITS.
I’ve also tried 8 bits, mono and some other combinations…
Any help?
(btw, the frequency i’m using is 44100 in both programs).

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It does load, but it sounds weird..
But I think i’ve already fixed it:
my saving code should be
fwrite(originalbuffer, length*4, 1, file);
instead of
fwrite(originalbuffer, length, 1, file);

Ok, but still.. it doesn’t sound real good quality. Not even in a sound-edit program. Is this because my callback can’t handle the data stream fast enough?
I got a pretty fast hard drive…

Maybe you can also help my with the original problem..
I’m trying to write a program that decodes MP3’s to WAVE, then send it to another computer (on the network) and that computer plays it. This is to save the other pc’s cpu.
How could I do this? I already have the networking procedures…
Thanks for any help

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