please excuse my ignorance, i am totally new to FMOD.

i am currently working on a port of Panda3D (http://panda3d.org/) to OS X ( http://knuddl.net/moin.cgi/InstallPanda3d).

i got many requests to enable sound on OS X and i’ve decided to do this using FMOD as this is more accessible option to developers (Panda3D supports Miles and FMOD).

Panda3D + FMOD on Windows (an as far as i know also on Linux) seem to work fine.

i got everything to compile and link correctly but unfortunatly i don’t hear any sounds.

upon further investigation i realized that FMOD gets initialized two times by the Panda3d system – one instance for sound and once for music. this is on purpose. this seems not to be a problem on Windows.

running the same code on OS X seems to hit a limit here. the second FMOD::System_Init fails giving the error message: "A call to a standard soundcard driver failed, which could possibly mean a bug in the driver or resources were missing or exhausted."

my questions:

  • is there a platform difference regarding how many instances can be created between Windows and OS X?

  • would you be so kind to share your experience regarding FMOD on OS X? any pitfalls i should look into?

  • if not, what further steps would you recommend to narrow down the problem?

(more Panda3D specific information about this problem can be found at the end of this thread http://www.panda3d.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=1595)

thanks for any help,

ps: i made sure that FMOD is running correctly on my system, using one of the provided samples. so basically FMOD is working, but i’m not sure how to progress regarding the combination with Panda3D.

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