Hey Guys!

I thought I would be doing fine using FMOD over the last 3-4 month. Now I try to code a new application and I get this effect:

Within FMOD I set and get positions of sound in a correct way. Lets say a Sound is at (2,2,2). I can retrieve this from FMOD again.
Also the listener Position is calculated and set in a correct way.

But when I “listen” to the scene, it seems like the sound is placed in (0,0,0).

I tried to change the Distance and RollOff Factor, but I didnt hear any effect.

I use Quad-Speaker, DDS or A3D on a TerraTec SixPack soundboard and yes, I do a FSOUND_3D_Update() each frame.

Any hint would be more than welcome!

Greetings from Germany

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Hey Brett, thanks for your tips but sadly I still have that problem.

The thing that frustates me most is that I mainly use older code, that worked perfectly, that I just copy/pasted.

I load the sound with
and check for mono, etc.

Also I calculate the listener position, up and look from the camera which I can freely move within the sene. So I have the scene with 3 sounds placed somewhere. When I start it up, I can move the camera around but the sounds seem to come from the origin. I defintly have a 3D effect though! When I turn around, the sounds move around till they come from behind. Just that they come from the from position.

I thought it could be that graphical and sound length unit dont fit, so I checked with MinMax. and this defintly seemed right, that a unit in GL repressent a unit in fmod.

I will try now to move the sounds to a large scale to see if I have any chance to get them out of the origin. Again, the 3D effects seem to work fine. I dont play them in 2D.

Thanks for any further tip!


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OK, looks like after some hours of searching I found what triggers that strange behaviour with the failed positioning of sounds.

I load the sample and start it paused using FSOUND_PlaySoundEx(). Then I change attributes and used that line to actually start the playback:

channel = FSOUND_PlaySoundEx(

What I now did was, that I replaced that line with this:


Now the sounds didnt come from the origin anymore.

Obviously I got a new channel for that sample on which the changed attributs had no effect. I dont really understand yet, why it acted that strange, because in the older code I used, I did it the same way and it worked fine.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know.


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