Im a composer and rather new to programming.
I just heard of FMOD and i am really fascinated…
I had the idea of creating a sound enviroment, where i place maybe 20 Sounds in a virtual audio enviroment. Then a user could navigate with mouse or keyboard in this enviroment, and depending on his distance to the sound objects they would appear louder or softer.

The whole thing would either be a compiled executable, that the user starts, or much better something webbased. By that i mean the user visits a website, the "thing" starts and the user begins exploring the sound enviroment.

Would something like this be possible?
Any hints where to start? (except learning more c++ of course…)
I am quite overwhelmed by all the features FMOD offers, which are the ones i need?

Please give me advice, i really want to make this happen!
Thanks, david.

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Thanks, looks like exactly what im looking for.
Theres only one problem, i am not able to open the supplied xcode projectfile
"project.pbxproj". when i doubleclick it, xcode starts up, but no window appears…
any tipps?
sorry…newbie… 😳

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Hi David,

Check out the "3d" example, it has sounds placed in virtual space etc. I don’t think you can make something like this work over the web unless the user actually explicitly downloads and runs your program.


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