Im trying to figure out how to use the channelgroups in Fmod, as i want to place all my designer events in channelgroups to be able to apply interactive mixing and modifying of the sound, according to game progression or state.
However i can’t really figure out how to route my events to the channelgroups – does every sound in an event get a specific channel or do they all play through the same channel?
Should I play the events or event sound-channel through channelgroups?
How do I route en Event to a ChannelGroup?

If anyone could give me an outline on the Event to ChannelGroup procedure I would really appreciate.

Besides that I think it would be great to be able to structure events in submixing channelgroups and add DSP or behaviour from within designer.


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You should not be trying to modify fmod’s channelgroup layout.
If you want to do things to groups of events, you should be using Categories. You can add a programmer based DSP effect at runtime to a category if you want by using EventCategory::getChannelGroup and ChannelGroup::addDSP but thats it.

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