I loaded VST plugins and added the DSP’s using system->addDSP().
The Plugins do their job. But when I show their config dialog using showConfigDialog() the config dialog does not update dynamically (e.g. VU bars). That applies to many, but not all VST plugins – some do the update.

What is the trick to update the dialogs dynamically?

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Hello. Since Jan 24, I am waiting one answer about this issue. I’ve the same problem but I think we are the only two people with.


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As far as I’ve seen, most VST plugins don’t update themselves (maybe for permormance issues), and it’s not FMOD’s fault. However you can force them to update using a timer or something.

Using FMOD, when you show the plugin’s internal dialog, you have info about the parent window for the plugin window.
To refresh the plugin window at fixed intervals, set up a timer, and when it’s triggered, just Repaint the parent window for the plugin.

That would be something like that :
– Load Plugin
– Create a container window (dialog, panel etc.), its handle being hwnd
– Show the plugin’s dialog in hwnd
– Set up a timer : eg. 500ms
– OnTimer : Refresh (hwnd)

Hope it helps.

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