This messsage is for Brett (or whomever is in charge of the license part of fMOD.

As it stands now. Anybody who is making a (pay to play) MMORPG, can use fmod in their clients for free, IF they do not charge people to download or buy the client in the store.

If the client is free to download or obtain (liike AOL discs), and since the client is considered “Freeware”, then fmod can be used in the client. Since the client is not a commercial product (ie, it does not make money), then….. well, that’s what the license says..

I ran your license through a lawyer here, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

As it stands, unless whomever is making a MMORPG (or the equivilent), and does not charge for the client (which uses fmod), then according to the license, there is no reason to purchase a commercial license. Even if they charge for the MMORPG service. Service being allowing people to use the client to connect to the game servers to play.

I am hoping that Brett (or whomever) will modify their license as soon as they can, because as it stands, if someone was to, right now, download fmod and a copy of the license, at the time of download, they can legally use fmod for free on their client…….

Just wanted to let you know, so you can modify the license, if you will :)

Until then… ouch!


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Thats quite weird. Because in the eyes of the law, that is not the case. I’m not trying to be the bad guy here.. lol. I just wanted to let you know that the license would not hold on court for a online service with a free client.

Anyways, oki doki :) I’m not the one taking the risk here.. ouch! Please don’t be mad at me. It was just something that I ran across that I thought that you might want to fix up before it becomes a big mess, and you lose money.

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