25/01/07 4.07.02 – Dev release update

  • Added head-related transfer function to software channels.
  • Added fields to FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS structure (min/maxHRTFAngle,
    min/maxHRTFFreq) to control HRTF behaviour.
  • FSBank – FSBank now pads data to 16 bytes to allow for better
  • Xbox 360 – Added ‘xaudio’ field to FMOD_THREAD_PROCESSOR_ASSIGNMENTS.

  • Event API – Fixed problems with template events.

  • Event API – Fixed possible click when sounds stop in an event.
  • FSBank – Fixed interleaved FSBs not being built correctly when syncpoints are
    ‘suggestedsoundtype’ field was used.

23/01/07 4.07.01 – Dev release update

  • Wii – Added support for FMOD_OPENMEMORY_POINT for hardware samples. Due to
    memory alignment requirements, currently only works with .dsp files.
  • Fixed up <1 "Max playbacks" on fev load
  • Fix oscillators not going virtual and maybe causing crash when virtual
    voices being used.

05/01/07 4.07.00 – Official dev branch release.

  • Added 3D virtual reverbs. Added System::create3DReverb /
    System::set3DReverbAmbientProperties / System::get3DReverbAmbientProperties
    and Reverb class.
  • SFX reverb has two new parameters : "Room LF" and "LF Reference".
  • Event API – Added EventCategory::getEventByIndex and EventCategory::getNumEvents.
  • Event API – Event system memory/speed optimisations.
  • Event API – Added EventSystem::create3DReverb.
  • Event API – Added EventSystem::set3DReverbAmbientProperties.
  • Event API – Added EventSystem::get3DReverbAmbientProperties.
  • Event API – Added Event3DReverb class.
  • Event API – Added Event::setProperty and Event::setPropertyByIndex.
  • FSBank – Added fsbankexcl -i command line option to ignore compilation errors
  • Optimize virtual voices, so that System::update is faster.
  • Event API – Sped up loading time. Reduced memory usage.

  • Fix PS3 dissapearing voices bug.

  • Fix C# header errors.
  • Fix netstream example ignoring tags. Fixed certain mp3 netstreams with tags
    not opening correctly.
  • Fix Channel::setChannelGroup wiping out Channel::set3DAttributes for 1 frame.
  • Fix 3d Pan Level still 3d volume attenuating even when 0.0f or ‘2d’.
  • Event API – Fix small audible click in FMOD software mixer when playing
    more than 1 event.
  • Event API – Fix ‘FMOD_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE’ error when loading multiple .FEV files
    when FEV have nested categories under the "music" category.
  • FSBank – Removed fsbankexcl -a command line option (use -i)
  • Fix fev’s with 0 or negative ‘max playbacks’ causing crash at runtime. Tool
    shouldn’t have let this happen but this is a safety check.

  • Make Sound::lock return FMOD_ERR_SUBSOUNDS instead of FMOD_ERR_INTERNAL
    when trying to lock a parent sound which has no data and just contains sub

  • Increased file thread stack size to 8k on non Nintendo platforms (Nintendo stack = 16k)

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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4.07.02 win64 link on the download page is broken.

Just FYI.

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fixed it now

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