Hi, I was wondering when the setDelay (startdelay) feature would be added?

I’m currently trying to implement a MIDI playback system on top of FMOD, and I’m getting quite a bit of jitter. My sound designer claims he can hear Jitter when I play 8 notes a second as a metronome (although it sounds pretty good to me).

I’m simply counting ahead in time, and calling system::PlaySound() when I encounter noteOn events.

I still have some optimization to do in my client-side code, but I imagine that FMOD has to do a bit of work on PlaySound(), freeing/allocating/filling buffers, etc(which might lead to a few extra milliseconds of jitter). I was hoping that I could do some lookahead/prediction thing, and ask to play a sound ahead of when I actually had to play it, letting FMOD hit the buffers before the exact instant I need to play the note(and hopefully be ready by the time the note actually needed to be played). Would the setDelay functionality be able to do this?

I’m also considering trying the same thing by starting the sample paused ahead of time, then unpausing it at the exact moment it’s supposed to start playing. Would this offer any benefit?

Thanks for any help!

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