I’ve just downloaded new versions of FMOD Designer(1.7.5) and FMOD Ex (4.07.05) and I’m working back on my program to play a sound event generated by the Designer.
But I get now an error : EventSystem->load 73->A command issued was not supported by this object. Possibly a plugin without certain callbacks specified.
I do not understand what’s happening. May I have some suggestions ?

FMOD_RESULT vOperationStatus(FMOD_OK) ;

vOperationStatus = FMOD::EventSystem_Create(&mEventsystem);
// => vOperationStatus  == FMOD_OK

vOperationStatus = mEventsystem->init(64, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0, EVENT_INIT_NORMAL);

// => vOperationStatus == FMOD_OK
vOperationStatus = mEventsystem->load("D:/Programmes/FMOD Designer/untitled.fev", 0, 0);
// => vOperationStatus == FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED


PS : I do not use setMediaPath((char *)MEDIA_PATH); but I was not also in the previous version that succeded in loading the event.

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Ooooops, sorry everybody,

that was a problem of dll : the last ones were not set at the correct place 😳

Now, I can ear the event I design … but it does not sound as in the Designer ! (That’s another story. I will post questions when they’ll be clear)

Thanks !

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