Error message wich i receive is [i:9n1xnijc]Unknown file format[/i:9n1xnijc]

Please guide me on good thread if there is allready one. I couldnt find what im looking for but it might be up to my bad knowledge of terms in english.

I installed succesfully FMOD 3.75 in my ubuntu and i can play mp3 etc. audio files with out problems.
I can also compile and run samples/simplets/Main.cpp.

I copied that file to seperate folder, fixed path to that sample file and it still worked as should.
Then i downloaded many files from [url=http://modarchive.org/index_1.php:9n1xnijc]The Mod Archive[/url:9n1xnijc] to listen them.

Practically only 1% of those files works with Main.cpp code.
Here is one file i cant get working anyway. http://modarchive.org/search.php?query= … format=all

I have tried to change FMOD_Init values but no succes.
I have tested this with two different computers, both does have ubuntu linux. No windows computer at all so i cant test is it up to linux or what.


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