I’m currently messing around a lot with FMOD to evaluate whether to integrate into our game engine or not, and besides being well impressed, some questions came to my mind.

I read some threads here about this, but will it be possible and if so, when, to play a looped sample which when the loop restarts chooses a new random sample? Imagine a machine gun with a startup sound and a cooldown sound and a loop inbetween. For this loop, I’d appreciate to be able to use a sounddef with more than one sounds which are newly chosen not only each time the whole sound starts but each time the loop is restarted. Is there any news on this?

Has anyone used FMOD to create beatsynched music? I imagine that it is quite simple using the designer and a parameter to simply blend one or more music tracks running parallel, but is there possibly a more generic way, enabling me to smoothly blend music on the fly without a predefined FMOD event?

How does FMOD handle looppoints created in external tools and exported in a wave file? Is there any way to make use of them in the designer?

Thanks for your help,

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The new FMOD Designer docs have an example of an event that’s I think is pretty similar to what you want for your machinegun.

Beatsynched music is a pretty broad term. FMOD supports interleaved, multi-channel audio, which may be what you mean. An upcoming version of FMOD designer will have support for channel params. Do a search for interleaved on the forums and you’ll find a lot of info.

Our dynamic music system uses multi-channel music, but also stitches different pieces together in a beat-aware fashion. The stitching is code that we wrote which works on top of FMOD. I’m not aware of any out of the box analog in FMOD.

I know that FMOD preserves loop points on import, but I’m not sure how they are treated in FMOD Designer.

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