I have posted this topic because I am in confusion about the Normalization effect included in FMOD Ex. All I want to do is to adjust the volume of events to a given level: limit sound waves to this level (to not to get louder) and gain sound waves are under this level. In my sense, this is what I call normalization.

So, I started to experiment with the built-in normalizer (in FMOD Designer), but I did not manage to figure out how I can reach the desired volume setting by "fade in time", "lowest volume", "maximum amp". As far as I get in this topic, FMOD Normalize effect only can do the half of the job: it will gain the events of lower volume only. What is about the another half? Should I use the FMOD Compressor to limit the louder ones (by setting "threshold", "attack and release time" and "gain make-up")? Will not they take too much CPU time if I use both of these effects (Compressor and Normalize) ?

In this case, I think it would be better to create a DSP effect of my own :) Or… reserve the right that I misinterpreted the features of FMOD Ex and FMOD Designer 😀

Some words about the motivation: in the system where FMOD Ex is used, there are dynamically generated sound effects (abstracted by parametrized events) and sometimes they get louder and sometimes they get lower. I would be good to have a normalizator that is able to cope with these changes in their volume.

Do anybody have any idea? All replies are welcome.

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