[quote:1f69c4yz]It would be cool to be able to export sound events on their own and open them up in a different fdp. This would be useful when trying to share complex event behaviors between similar fdps without rebuilding them from scratch. Obviously if they are referencing different sound definitions then that will have to be addressed.[/quote:1f69c4yz]

I would also greatly like to see this feature. We are currently trying to break up a very large project into smaller projects and it is very difficult for our designer as they feel they have to do their work all over again. The merge functionality is a step in the right direction but we need to go the other way as well.

Also some other features we would like to see include:
[list:1f69c4yz]*the ability to import an existing a sound bank instead of having to create one from scratch with every project
*templates that can be used a cross projects, not sure how this would work but it is smething our designer has requested[/list:u:1f69c4yz]

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