I’m a hobbyist programmer and I love FMOD(Ex), but I met a problem yesterday. I installed Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 and Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio updates on my computer and my "netradio recorder" program does not work any longer, it says "buffering" but that’s all. The sample program provided with FMODEx 4.02 (netstream) plays around 5 seconds then it writes "starving" and it hangs. Before installing this SP those were OK. I guess it’s not the problem with the Microsoft updates, because my old player, which uses FMOD 3.71 works fine with netstreams. Any ideas? Has anyone else tested FMOD(Ex) with Win2003 SP2? I’m using Visual C++ 2003 (with all the updates installed) and Windows Server 2003 Standard (also with all the security updates installed).

Ah, another thing, maybe it’s no longer up to date, maybe it’s the problem with my code, after a "long run" (?) my old player hangs when I’m trying to exit the application. I checked the bugfixes in Win2003 SP2 and it was written: "If you exit a program when the program is playing an audio file in Microsoft Windows Server 2003, the program stops responding (hangs). This problem occurs because of a race condition that is triggered by the Msacm32.dll file.". I checked FMOD.dll with the tool depends and it uses MSACM32.dll’s acmStreamOpen function but my prog. still freezes on exit.

I’m more interested in the first problem. If you need my hardware components, I’ll send another post.

Thanks a lot!

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