[code:3pt0ou1q] FMOD_ERR_MEMORY_CANTPOINT: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Can”t use FMOD_OPENMEMORY_POINT on non PCM source data, or non mp3/xma/adpcm data if FMOD_CREATECOMPRESSEDSAMPLE was used.’;
FMOD_ERR_NEEDS2D: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Tried to call a command on a 3d sound when the command was meant for 2d sound.’;
FMOD_ERR_NEEDS3D: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Tried to call a command on a 2d sound when the command was meant for 3d sound.’;
FMOD_ERR_NEEDSHARDWARE: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Tried to use a feature that requires hardware support. (ie trying to play a VAG compressed sound in software on PS2).’;
FMOD_ERR_NEEDSSOFTWARE: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Tried to use a feature that requires the software engine. Software engine has either been turned off, or command was executed on a hardware channel which does not support this feature.’;
FMOD_ERR_NET_CONNECT: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Couldn”t connect to the specified host.’;
FMOD_ERR_NET_SOCKET_ERROR: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘A socket error occurred. This is a catch-all for socket-related errors not listed elsewhere.’;
FMOD_ERR_NET_URL: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘The specified URL couldn”t be resolved.’;
FMOD_ERR_NOTREADY: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Operation could not be performed because specified sound is not ready.’;
FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_ALLOCATED: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Error initializing output device, but more specifically, the output device is already in use and cannot be reused.’;
FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_CREATEBUFFER: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Error creating hardware sound buffer.’;
FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_DRIVERCALL: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘A call to a standard soundcard driver failed, which could possibly mean a bug in the driver.’;
FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_FORMAT: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Soundcard does not support the minimum features needed for this soundsystem (16bit stereo output).’;
FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_INIT: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Error initializing output device.’;
FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_NOHARDWARE: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘FMOD_HARDWARE was specified but the sound card does not have the resources nescessary to play it.’;
FMOD_ERR_OUTPUT_NOSOFTWARE: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Attempted to create a software sound but no software channels were specified in System::init.’;
FMOD_ERR_PAN: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Panning only works with mono or stereo sound sources.’;
FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘An unspecified error has been returned from a 3rd party plugin.’;
FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN_MISSING: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘A requested output, dsp unit type or codec was not available.’;
FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN_RESOURCE: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘A resource that the plugin requires cannot be found.’;
FMOD_ERR_RECORD: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘An error occured trying to initialize the recording device.’;
FMOD_ERR_REVERB_INSTANCE: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Specified Instance in FMOD_REVERB_PROPERTIES couldn”t be set. Most likely because another application has locked the EAX4 FX slot.’;
FMOD_ERR_SUBSOUNDS: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘The error occured because the sound referenced contains subsounds. (ie you cannot play the parent sound as a static sample, only its subsounds.)’;
FMOD_ERR_SUBSOUND_ALLOCATED: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘This subsound is already being used by another sound, you cannot have more than one parent to a sound. Null out the other parent”s entry first.’;
FMOD_ERR_TAGNOTFOUND: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘The specified tag could not be found or there are no tags.’;
FMOD_ERR_TOOMANYCHANNELS: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘The sound created exceeds the allowable input channel count. This can be increased using the maxinputchannels parameter in FMOD_System_SetSoftwareFormat.’;
FMOD_ERR_UNIMPLEMENTED: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘Something in FMOD hasn”t been implemented when it should be! contact support!’;
FMOD_ERR_UNINITIALIZED: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘This command failed because FMOD_System_Init or FMOD_System_SetDriver was not called.’;
FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘A command issued was not supported by this object. Possibly a plugin without certain callbacks specified.’;
FMOD_ERR_UPDATE: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘PS2, System::update was called twice in a row when System::updateFinished must be called first.’;
FMOD_ERR_VERSION: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘The version number of this file format is not supported.’;
FMOD_ERR_EVENT_FAILED: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘An Event failed to be retrieved, most likely due to ”just fail” being specified as the max playbacks behaviour.’;
FMOD_ERR_EVENT_INTERNAL: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘An error occured that wasn”t supposed to. See debug log for reason.’;
FMOD_ERR_EVENT_NAMECONFLICT: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘A category with the same name already exists.’;
FMOD_ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND: FMOD_ErrorString := ‘The requested event, event group, event category or event property could not be found.’;[/code:3pt0ou1q]

Above is the fixed version.

[code:3pt0ou1q] useropen: FMOD_FILE_OPENCALLBACK; (* [in] Optional. Specify 0 to ignore. Callback for opening this file. )
[in] Optional. Specify 0 to ignore. Callback for closing this file. )
[in] Optional. Specify 0 to ignore. Callback for reading from this file. )
[in] Optional. Specify 0 to ignore. Callback for seeking within this file. *)[/code:3pt0ou1q]

Above is the fixed version.

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Thanks we’ll check this and see about updating the .pas headers for the next release.

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