I’ve just written an Fmod wrapper for my engine, and it seems to work pretty well. It certainly clears up a lot of streaming problems I’ve had with the previous sound library.

The one problem is that Fmod insists on looking at the CDROM drive each time the program
starts and stops. This is very aggravating because it takes several seconds and I’m used to a
very fast turnaround during testing. My program is never going to use CDROM audio support, so this is a waste of time.

Is there any way to stop it, short of sabotaging the .so file with a hex editor?

I’m developing under Linux, by the way. I’ll find out whether the Windows version
has this problem in due course.

One more thing.. in INDEX.html, please change ‘FMOD.HTML’ and ‘FMUSIC.HTML’
to ‘FMOD.html’ and ‘FMUSIC.html’. Then it will work on case-sensitive systems.

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Thanks.. I believe I can wait until the next release.

For now, I’ve patched the .so file on my machine so that it accesses a nonexistent CD drive
(and doesn’t have to wait for the mechanism to time out).

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