I played a sine wave .wav file via DirectSound and it sounds perfect.

When I play it via ASIO however, it sounds really bad.

So I recorded my spdif output and dumped the waveform

this is what i see:


now, i took that "bad" wav file and i played it in directsound and it sounds exactly like what i hear from my asio.

so then i played my "bad" wav file in ASIO, and it sounds perfectly fine

is FMOD/ASIO stuff somehow doing something bad to DC offset of audio or something wrong with the max value sample (0x7fff)

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the bug in the code was found and submitted to support@fmod.org

hopefully they will make a new build soon

4.06.15 and earlier exhibited the bug. i do not know about 4.07 and higher as they totally break my asio code

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