9/05/07 4.07.14 – Dev release update

  • PSP – Added support for FMOD_OPENMEMORY_POINT for hardware vag samples.
  • Added SoundGroup::setMaxAudibleBehavior/getMaxAudibleBehavior. Determines what
    happens if you exceed maxaudible count. New behaviour modes include

      See docs for more on what they do.
  • Added SoundGroup::setMuteFadeSpeed/getMuteFadeSpeed. Sets the fade
  • Event API – Added EVENT_STATE_LOADING to EventGroup::getState for determining if
    any event in the eventgroup is loading.
  • Event API – Added "Load into RSX memory" wavebank property (PS3 only)

  • Fix blocking behaviour in System::playSound/System::update/

  • Fixed crash in some cases when calling Channel::setSpeakerLevels while
    speakermode is set to FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_PROLOGIC.
  • Fix SoundGroup::setMaxAudible not allowing -1 as a parameter.
  • Fix crash in ogg vorbis codec if out of memory.
  • Fix crash using echo filters if out of memory.
    !- FSBankEx – Fix bug in 4.07.13 that introduced bad FSB output
    (Caused hang on Xbox 360 during play, sync points weren’t exported).
  • Fix memory leak when using more than 1 System object.
  • Fixed non blocking streams with subsounds stalling main thread.
  • Fix rare Sound::release crash on Xbox 360 with XMA FSB files.

  • Event API – Fixed a bug where oneshot sounds with "Wait for previous" set
    didn’t play at all if forced to wait

  • Event API – Fixed a bug where adjacent sounds could both play when only one
    should play (if the parameter was exactly on the boundary)
  • Event API – Fixed a bug where parameters with velocity or seek speed could
    skip sounds and syncpoints when the framerate was low
  • Event API – Event sustain points are now clamped to valid parameter range
  • Event API – Fixed a bug where sustain points could be written to .fev in the
    wrong order
  • Event API – Fixed a bug where distance parameters weren’t updated correctly
    until the first EventSystem::update call after Event::start
  • Event API – Fixed parameter value rounding issue.
  • Event API – Fixed "programmer sound" with no parameter not working.
  • Event API – Fixed negative m_streamrefcnt spam.
  • Event API – Fixed 3D doppler factor not heeding listener speed.

  • PS3 – FMOD libs now built with Sony SDK 170.003

  • Event API – Changed Event::getInfo lengthms calculation to return the length
    of the longest sound definition

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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I having some troubles with 4.07.14 PPC release, when compiling I’ve got thoses errors :

[code:2jibts59]ld: Undefined symbols:\

Does these functions are present under MAC PPC ? I’ve seen they are declared in the header files.

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try the new version we just released today and let me know if it works i think it may have been updated but i dont have access to a mac right now

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I must have assumed when I first read this that the maxAudible interface was part of the event system rather the standard system. Is this functionality going to make it into Designer at any point soon (presumably on EventGroup or EventCategory)?

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not any time soon it hasnt been requested as a feature, unless you’re taking about the virtual events which are not happening in the immediate future.

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There are actually a couple of requests for behaviour like this in the forum. I just thought that the way it works [i:2gwzuood]might[/i:2gwzuood] translate to the event system e.g. having a group of 4 objects, each of have a maxPlaybacks of 4, but you can limit maxAudible on their EventGroup to 6 so only 6 actually play at a time.

The virtual events system would indeed cover that though, but that sounds like it’s still a way off.

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