18/05/07 4.07.16 – Dev release update

  • Added FMOD_INIT_SOFTWARE_HRTF. This is a fake hrtf which just adds a lowpass
    filter to voices when they go behind you. See FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS for settings.
  • PS2 – Added FMOD_SPU_Alloc, FMOD_SPU_GetRawAddress, FMOD_SPU_Free to allocate
    and reserve PS2 sound ram for use in other libraries.
  • PS2 – Added FMOD_SPU_ReserveVoice to stop fmod using certain hardware voices
    (again so that other libraries can use them).
  • Event API – Added c# wrapper and examples.
  • Event API – Can now set/get event properties per-instance as well as for all instances.
    Added "this_instance" parameter to all setPropertyXXX and getPropertyXXX functions.
  • Event API – Added event property FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_WII_CONTROLLERSPEAKER. Use this to
    play events on the Wii controller speakers!
  • Added recording downsampling. On platforms that only support recording at a
    fixed rate (ie CoreAudio), it is now possible to record at any rate lower
    than the hardware supported fixed rate.

  • Stop rare cases of crashing if Sound::release was called while Sound::readData
    was being called simultaneously in a different thread.

  • Event API – Clamped event "Max playbacks" to 1 on EventSystem::load if it’s < 1.

  • Event API – Enabled "Surround Pan" in hardware on Wii and Gamecube


This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Does System->createCodec(FMOD_CODEC_DESCRIPTION *description) is supposed to work in 4.07.16 ?
It was working well with 4.07.13, I’ve got some troubles with 4.07.16 (crash).

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