Ok, after a lot of head scratching about why FMOD Ex is not working, I figured out the cause, though not the why or solution.

Very Rarely, when I start FMOD Ex in my app (using ALSA output) it will work Ok. If I re run my app a second time it will not work.

Once I get it to the "not working" state, not even the ‘playsound’ example will work.

Eventually (seems random), it works again. I tried restarting ALSA but that doesnt get sound to come back. As I said, it seems almost random.

[b:19z8f5or]If I set output to OSS, it works perfect everytime.[/b:19z8f5or]

ALSA works perfectly in every app I have, I can even run the playsound demo (during the working period) over and over again without problem.

So to recap, I use the exact startup and shutdown code as the playsound example. Everything works flawlessly everytime if I set it to OSS, but if set to ALSA I get 75% slowdown in my app and no sounds will play.

Note also that FMOD 3 plays ALSA perfectly in my app.

Anyone know why this would happen, or how to get more info (no errors are reported by FMOD during any stage of this)

Obviously I do not want to use a depreciated output (OSS), and need ALSA support, anyone have any idea?

[b:19z8f5or]Also something major to note is this app is being run as a fork()ed then excel()ed proccess from another app. I am sure this has something to do with it.[/b:19z8f5or]

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Hi thedevilsjester,

unfortunately I have seen the same behavior as you. I have given up trying this a year ago and I recover my small testing tool in 3 month rhythms to see if anything changed. I though it’s ALSA itself and it’s not ready for production use. If you say fmod3 is working properly it makes me thinking positive, since it’s probably not an ALSA problem :)


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