I play a game called Second Life, and there is a place I go where you can listen to a streamed music station. I was trying to get this stream outside of the game so I could listen to it in Winamp or something without having to actually be in the game, and after doing some packet scans it appears that the stream location is: http://slmedia.nolimits.org:18000/dj121.ogg

However when I try to load that in winamp, it just sits there. And when I try to goto that link in my browser it just asks for a password.

But in Second Life, the packet scans appear to show no password exchange happening on the initial connect. Here is the data sent to the stream server when you start the stream in second life:

[code:2bigw7tx]GET /dj121.ogg HTTP/1.1
Host: slmedia.nolimits.org
User-Agent: FMOD/3.74
Connection: close[/code:2bigw7tx]

And after that, the stream starts. But when I packet scanned while going to the stream with winamp or firefox, it sends:

[code:2bigw7tx]GET /dj121.ogg HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: WinampOGG/5.24(MPEG stream compatible)

And the server replies with:

[code:2bigw7tx]HTTP/1.0 401 Authentication Required
WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="Icecast2 Server"
You need to authenticate[/code:2bigw7tx]

So the reason I came to this forum is because on the successful stream, the user agent shows FMOD/3.74. And after a google search on that phrase, well it took me here. So hopefully you guys can help me get this steam playing outside of the game, or let me know what I need to do (or where I need to go for help) to get this to work. Thanks for the help :)

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