I think it’s really cool FMOD Ex can now play .IT files with the realtime effects. That was a great feat. :) But if you use high quality samples, the music files tend to get a bit large.

I just learned that FMOD can play Ogg compressed XM music files (.OXM) packed with OggMod. But the XM format doesn’t support realtime effects like the DirectX effects available for .IT files in ModPlug Tracker, does it?

There’s an Ogg compressed .IT format available, [url=http://www.un4seen.com/mo3.html:30by7j5w]MO3[/url:30by7j5w], but I presume FMOD doesn’t play those? Are there any utilities that would allow me to Ogg pack an .IT file to an FMOD compatible format? (any other solutions?)

Also… just playing with the idea, but I was wondering if there are any plans to somehow collaborate between the [url=http://openmpt.xwiki.com/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome:30by7j5w]OpenMPT[/url:30by7j5w] community and FMOD to enable ModPlug Tracker music composers to use FMOD effects in the tracker songs?

Alternately; are there any other music formats and composition programs for that format that would:
[list:30by7j5w][:30by7j5w]contain their own samples and note data (as opposed to streamed music)[/:m:30by7j5w]
[:30by7j5w]allow the use of realtime effects[/:m:30by7j5w]
[:30by7j5w]have support for multiple songs within the same song file that share the sample set[/:m:30by7j5w]
[:30by7j5w]perhaps some interactive music features as well[/:m:30by7j5w][/list:u:30by7j5w]

I’m at least aware of DirectMusic, but it’s DirectX only, whereas FMOD is multi-platform.

A compact sample-encapsulated music file would be (and has been) the best solution for downloadable shareware games that tend to require a lot of music in a small package (for example, the Xbox360 Live and PlayStation 3 network games).

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