I’m fiddling around with beat detection using fmod and i need to analyze the sound thats currently playing (system->playSound) in 1024 sample chunks (i’m using getWaveData to get the samples).

Currently i’m polling getWaveData every few milliseconds using a timer, which is not very accurate because i might get the same set of samples twice or skip a few samples.

What i would need is a way the load a mp3, call "getWavedata", analyze the samples and then send them to fmod for playing until the song is over.

I already searched the board for answers and found out that i could use Sound::lock/unlock or the DSP API but i don’t know [b:1jlci131]how[/b:1jlci131] i could use one of those approaches to solve my problem.

I would really appreciate some sample code or hints to push me in the right direction :)

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