I am working on a system using the FMOD Designer API. works fine in almost every way however i’ve come accross something i’ve never seen before and can’t find on these forums.

I had the system working within it’s own environment just fine, so I integrate it into another project and get some weird behaviour. All the functionality works fine, the system still performs correctly. I get a bunch of "Unable to find Entry Point" errors for functions in a couple of DLLS(functions the program never even calls). I can tell that the dlls are up to date because the program will run smoothly without the errors when this line isn’t called:
result = m_eventSys->init(64, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0, EVENT_INIT_NORMAL);

So i was wondering what EventSystem::init might do to create this kind of behaviour and how I can counteract it.

Being a little more specific: I’m trying to integrate it into an Ogre3D project. The dll’s this affects are OgreMain_d.dll and CEGUIBase_d.dll. the code i’m trying to integrate (fmod designer) has nothing to do with either of these but the errors are only generated when i try to initialize the event system.

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