hello, I have a question on the getInfo function calling in C# language.

I have used a simple_event project shipped in the FMOD Designer Examples.

this time, I want to get the EventGroup’s name using this function.

result = eventsystem.getGroup("examples/examples/car", false, ref eventgroup);
result = eventgroup.getEvent("car", FMOD.EVENT_MODE.DEFAULT, ref car);

            int index = 0;
            StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder(32);

            result = eventgroup.getInfo(ref index, builder);


when I checked the groupName’s value after calling the eventgroup.getInfo function, it has the invalid name just like this : "졟".

Could you give me some advice to getting the right name from this function?[code:1wl477h8][/code:1wl477h8]

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