I am getting some stuttering (very fast) when trying to play events that have more than one sound.

One event will play a sound, fade into a loop, and play that until it is keyed off. The looping part will play fine but the first sound and last sound get this stuttering.

I tried playing around with a lot of settings and found that if I streamed the bank containing these sounds from disk the stuttering would go away but some weird things would happen with it’s 3D position.

I’ve checked to make sure the event isn’t being told to start a bunch of times in rapid succession (it’s only starting once).

I’ve also tried setting the DSP buffer size to something larger but this doesn’t seem to have any effect.

any ideas?


update: changed the compression format to PCM instead of MP3 and the stuttering has gone away and been replaced by a flange effect on all sounds.

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how fast is your computer? And what is different about the middle loop? It would have been the same format wouldnt it?

Is this on vista or XP? Also you might want to check the new forum post just in case.

Does the problem happen on other machines? Does it play ok in event player?

If it plays ok in event player, then there might be something odd with your code setup. We can have a look at this for you if you want if you provide us with a demo fdp/wavs and cpp file.

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