I have been troubleshooting getting my code to work on MAC OS X for a while now. All the libraries, including fmodex, were easy to troubleshoot to get working on both linux and windows systems. Finally I have gotten my code to come down to only 9 errors on the OS X system using xcode. It is a linking error and I can not figure out why it can not find or link to any of these libraries. I have included and pointed to everything in fmodex api to hopefully come up with the answer. But it has still been to no avail.

All the linking errors are in the form:

"FMOD‘FMOD FUNCTION HERE’, referenced from:
scene::’FMOD FUNCTION HERE() in sound.o

Here is an actual example of one of the errors:

"_FMOD_Channel_SetPaused", referenced froom:
scene::playSound(int) in sound.o
scene::pauseChannel(int) in sound.o
scene::pauseChannel(int) in soiund.o

(**scene:: is one of my classes where fmod is used)

Any help or any point in the right direction is much appreciated.


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Have you compared your project with the examples that come with the API? We have XCode projects for all of them, so maybe you can see a difference in what you are doing compared with them.

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