I have some funky hardware here, under Linux.. I need to do something screwy, and I was hoping FMOD could solve my problem for me

I have a soundcard that has 3 analog outputs and a digital output.

I can open the 3 analog in OSS and using setSpeakerLevels() on the channels i get out of system.createStream() and system.playSound(), but I can’t talk to the digital output at all via OSS.

If I use ALSA, I can speak to everything, but I get really bad stuttering on the analog outputs. I think this is a problem with the driver for this sound chip, because on a different 10channel card, it works fine with ALSA.

I noticed that I can open the 3 analog using FMOD/OSS, and i can open the digital using FMOD/ALSA, all at the same time, and they all play perfectly. A hack, but it works.

Lets say I want to play a 3 streams of audio from 3 mp3 files, is there a way I can setup a submixing network to create the playback so the first stream goes to both the ALSA/digital and the first OSS/analog, and the 2nd and 3rd stream go to the remaining OSS/analog outputs?

I have everything working, except the mirroring to the digital.. any ideas?

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