It’s nice that as of 4.12 that vst config dialogs are sorted. Thinks are looking nice.

I have a question and I’ve been poking around the API documents, but have not really found an answer.

I have a plugin bank (if you will) that contains a Combobox populated with VST plugin that where found in the Steinberg/VSTplugins directory.

What I want to do, is to beable to load, and unload plugins, then load more plugins.

I’m not actually sure how to remove a plugin once it’s loaded. If I try to change to another plugin, the plugin that was loaded before is still the plugin loaded, not the new plugin.

result = FMOD_System_LoadPlugin(system, vstLoc, FMOD_PLUGINTYPE_DSP, vstEffect)
ERRCHECK (result)

result = FMOD_System_CreateDSPByType(system, FMOD_DSP_TYPE_VSTPLUGIN, vstEffect)
ERRCHECK (result)

How do I reverse these lines of code. Basically looking for a "system_unLoadPlugin" / "system_killDSPByType"

Any thoughts?

btw, thanks for working on the VST engine!!

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Next question.

Why doesn’t FMOD_DSP_GetInfo give the correct size of the plugins height and width?

pixel to twip conversion is (pixel * 15)

Although FMOD_DSP_GetInfo is giving me the wrong data, and I’m forced to do

PixelHeight * 16.25 = TwipHeight
PixelWidth * 15.15 = TwipWidth

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