When running the FMOD sample ( <fmodpath>/samples/fmod ) for at least half an hour while playing the music and/or sounds in the media directory it starts leaking memory.

I don’t know why and where it’s leaking (sorry, don’t have the time to debug that app) so I’m just submitting it as a bugreport here on this forum.

Some details about my system:
[:2xedg4ut]P[i:2xedg4ut]!!![/i:2xedg4ut] 933 Mhz[/:m:2xedg4ut]
[:2xedg4ut]256 MB SDRAM[/:m:2xedg4ut]
[:2xedg4ut]GF3 Ti 200 with latest Detonators[/:m:2xedg4ut]
[:2xedg4ut]Sound: Onboard C-Media (Asus CUV4-X)[/:m:2xedg4ut]
[:2xedg4ut]Windows XP Professional[/:m:2xedg4ut][/list:u:2xedg4ut]

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