hey there, over at scorehero we have learned and figured out how to put custom songs into guitar hero 3 for the wii, but we seem to be having a little trouble with the playback during a song. while some songs work when replaced (at mono/16bit/33075 wav) some refuse to load, im looking for a way of duplicating the wav files that are in the original fsb file container, i was wandering if there is a program that i can use that will tell me this format,

iv tried using http://www.xbox-scene.com/xbox1data/sep … vLJqHG.php to open and extract the wav file but when i load it into a sound editing program such as audacity it tells me i must import as raw data, and it always sounds like static.

on the other hand, using goldwave, it imports, complains about a missing chunk? then loads it at 4bit stereo 33075 but the music plays perfectly.

i tried putting a 4bit stereo 33075 back into the game and the song loaded but the music was very staticy/distorted, so i think were not being told the real wav details.

would anyone care to help? (there is a full guide on wii guitar hero 3 customs over at http://www.scorehero.com/forum/viewtopi … sc&start=0 , i am in no way a representative, im just a loyal guitar hero fan who loves the idea of custom tracks :))

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