6/03/08 4.13.04 – Development release update

  • Optimize DSP disconnection code, huge speed improvement.
  • Event API – Improved memory usage

  • Fix crash if FMOD_INIT_ENABLE_PROFILE was used, and the system object was
    released then a new one created.

  • Fixed 64-bit pointer corruption
  • Fixed Unicode check on http/https urls being passed to
  • Fixed hardware virtual voices not becoming real again.
  • Fixed occasional crash when playing multichannel mp3 fsbs.
  • Fixed Sound::getMusicNumChannels/Sound::set/getMusicChannelVolume actually
    only supporting mod/midi formats, and not s3m/xm/it.

  • FSBank – Fixed caching sometimes not working

  • PS3 – Fixed crash when inserting a DSP effect in a certain DSP tree

  • Win32 – Fixed memory error being returned when enumerating a system with
    more input devices than output devices.
  • PS3 – Fixed occasional popping coming from mixer with a busy DSP tree.
  • Fixed threading issue with SoundGroups

  • Event API – Fixed event "Steal quietest" max playbacks behaviour sometimes
    erroneously falling back to "Steal oldest"

  • Event API – Fixed MusicPrompt::begin to support theme start segments with
    cue conditions
  • Event API – Fixed EventProject::release to reset the music system before
    freeing music data (prevents crashes)
  • Event API – Fixed endian issues in music data loading which broke music
    playback on big-endian platforms
  • Event API – Fixed MusicSystem::setPaused logic to handle beat syncing
  • Event API – Fixed music system applying tempo changes too early
  • Event API – Fixed .fev loading
  • Event API – Fixed memory leaks in music system
  • Event API – Fixed memory error due to sound definitions with no entries
  • Event API – Fixed music system crashing after restarting the event system
  • Event API – Fixed typos in FMOD_EVENT_PROPERTY speaker enumeration docs

  • Event API – "Sequential" sound definitions are now continuous across
    freeEventData calls

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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