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Well, this is probably a dumb idea, but still.

Ever heard of DLS files? If you have, then you know that they´re sort of simplified soundfonts that work as a replacement for the GM (General Midi) bank – the bank that the soundcard uses to play midis. Some games, like FF8 for the PC, used DLS to play midis with astounding quality, and some games I´ve worked on have, as well.

Being a composer of at least average skill, I have familiarized myself with the DLS technology and have come to use it to a great extent as of late. It is the perfect technology to use in a game, because it doesn´t have to be huge and is supported by all soundcards.

I just wanted to suggest that maybe DLS support could be added into FMOD? So you could load the DLS file into the game and then have the game play midi files through it instead of using the soundcard´s midi bank?

I thought this was a good idea, so… but, if you think it sucks, then nevermind.

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