Hi everybody!

I have a very strange issue (bug?..), using fmod ex 4.12.07 (and earlier!):

event::start() fails with result "FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED" after successfull (FMOD_OK) call of

getEvent(name.c_str(), FMOD_EVENT_DEFAULT, &fmodevent);

and this error occures only ones!!! Then it behave normal – getEvent() launhes a callback with FMOD_EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_STOLEN type.

In addition, if this issue happens while playing a sound with a sustain point (fire sound, as i described here: ), keyOff() doesn’t work any more, even on newly created and started sounds!!! Theese 2 events are in the same event group.

Why does it happen?.. I have many (about 50) identical small (0.42 sec) oneshot event instances launched at the same time (in ‘for’ cycle). Event has max_playback parameter set to 20, and has a "steal quitest" behavior set. getEvent() fails BEFORE the number of event instances reaches 20! (about 15 currently).

I "prepare" each sound with FMOD_EVENT_INFOONLY as it was described by Ben here: … t=getevent

any ideas?.. maybe I am doing something wrong?..

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unsupported means you are trying to use a feature on a version of fmod that doesnt have that feature. This could mean the ‘reduced’ version of fmod or the plugin version of fmod and the plugin is not loaded.

You didnt specify what platform you are talking about.

edit: are you trying to play an infoonly event or do something else than getting information from it? That would also cause an unsupported error.

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Oh, I’m using a Windows 32bit FMOD Ex 4.12.07.

I am not actually using any plugins or smtng..

I do API calls like this:

hr = this->pEventEngine->getEvent(name, FMOD_EVENT_INFOONLY, &fmodevent); //(its FMOD_OK)

fmodevent->getInfo(&cueindex,0,0); // (its FMOD_OK)

fmodevent->getState(&fmstate); // (its FMOD_OK)

// than a block setting parameters like that:

EventParameter* ep = 0;
FMOD_RESULT hr = fmodevent->getParameter(parname, &ep); // (its FMOD_OK)

FMOD_RESULT hr = ep->setValue(var); // (its FMOD_OK)

FMOD_RESULT hr = fmodevent->set3DAttributes(&(position), &(velocity)); // (its FMOD_OK)

hr = this->pEventEngine->getEvent(cuesit->cuename.c_str(), FMOD_EVENT_DEFAULT, &(fmodevent)); (its FMOD_OK !!!)


fmodevent->start(); (AND THATS – FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED)

this code in a for() cycle starts about 15 instances of the small (0.4sec) event with max_playbacks of 20. FMOD_ERR_UNSUPPORTED error accures only once – on a 15-th loop of a cycle.. Than it starts normally 5 more instances, after that it launchs callback that return FMOD_ERR_EVENT_FAILED on FMOD_EVENT_CALLBACKTYPE_STOLEN type, and that is ok..

In fact, it doesn’t metter much for me, but I think that issue cause a strange behaviour of another event, as I described in my first post..

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