Heres what I’m thinkin

An event for a tank engine Idle is playing. I want this tank to reduce the volume of EVERYTHING else in the world ONLY when the tank is within 5 meters of the listener (me). Essentially a ‘ducking’ system that is MANUAL, not AUTOMATIC. So, what if I could add a volume envelope to this tank event which would control the volume of another category? For example, I add a volume envelope to the tank event that controls my "ambience" category. I draw this volume curve to make it 0db from the distance of 0-5meters and then it ramps up to full level after that. Essentially it would look like a horizontally flipped volume curve of the tank’s own attenuation curve but instead of controlling the tanks volume it controls something else.

This way, when I am near something loud such as a tank I don’t have to hear everything else in the world that isn’t important. essentially giving games unlimited headroom and compressing a huge dynamic range virtually.

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