11/04/08 4.15.00 – Development release update

  • Added ‘debugLogFilename’ to FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS to allow user to specify
    log path / name.
  • Added ‘FMOD Profiler’ application to Win32 and Mac to replace existing DSPNet
    Listener tool. The new tool provides existing functionality along with a real
    time CPU usage graph.
  • Add Sound::getMusicNumChannels, Sound::setMusicChannelVolume,
    Sound::getMusicChannelVolume, to allow mod/s3m/xm/it/midi volume manipulation
    of music channels.
  • Add multichannel support for FSB MP2 encoding.
  • Added a system callback for when a thread is created, this callback will
    report the name and the ID of the thread.
  • Added ability to specify which port FMOD listens on for connections from
    FMOD Profiler. This is exposed through FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS.
  • Added support for FMOD Profiler to connect to applications on Mac, Linux,
    Linux64 and Solaris.
  • Added FMOD_DELAYTYPE_DSPCLOCK_END to Channel::setDelay/getDelay
  • Optimize DSP disconnection code, huge speed improvement.
  • Optimized playsound to not recalculate 3d position multiple times.
  • PS3 – Enabled DTS support.
  • PS3 – Added FMOD_INIT_PS3_PREFERDTS init flag to prefer DTS over Dolby Digital
    if both are supported.
  • PS3 – Added FMOD_INIT_PS3_FORCE2CHLPCM init flag to force output to stereo LPCM.
  • PS3 – Enable System::setDSPBufferSize for numbuffers only.
  • PS3 – SPU performance improvements due to new GCC Toolchain.
  • Reduce memory usage of DSP Echo filter.
  • Xbox 360 / PS3 – Speed optimized DSP Echo filter.
  • PS3 – Enable AIFF support.
  • PS3 – Remove stall when setting sfx reverb parameters.

  • Event API – Improved memory usage

  • Event API – Added "RoughSequence" event to example project
  • Event API – Added support for sound instance "Autopitch parameter" property

  • Reduce System::update / EventSystem::update overhead.

  • Fixed FMOD_OPENSTATE_STREAMING not being set for FSB subsounds.
  • Fix FMOD_REVERB_CHANNELPROPERTIES with a non existent reverb instance
    causing crash. Now returns FMOD_ERR_REVERB_INSTANCE.
  • Fixed stack overflow when playing 8ch mpeg FSB files.
  • Fixed config screen not updating on certain VST plugins.
  • Fix System::setReverbProperties sometimes returning an error.
  • Fix mp3 decoder seeking back to 0 if the seek or loop position was less
    than an mpeg frame size.
  • Fixed 64-bit pointer corruption
  • Fixed Unicode check on http/https urls being passed to System::createSound/Stream
  • Fixed crash when using plugins version of FMODEx with certain output modes.
  • Fixed certain codec plugins crashing on load.
  • Fixed hardware virtual voices not becoming real again.
  • Fixed occasional crash when playing multichannel mp3 fsbs.
  • Fixed threading issue with SoundGroups
  • Fixed memory corruption in DSPChorus when the number of input channels is
    greater than the number of channels being output by the system.
  • Fixed voices gradually going virtual over time.
  • Fixed unimportant virtual voices not ending at the right time and then
    starting later when they should in fact have stopped long before that time.
  • Fixed DSPConnection::getLevels from causing a bad memory write.
  • Fixed accuracy of Channel::getPosition with stream playback.
  • Fixed crackling when using System::playDSP and reverb.
  • Fix calling addDSP twice in a row with the same object/parameter causing
    infinite loop.
  • Fix Channel::getAudibility not taking SoundGroup mute volume into account.
  • Fix crash in second System::init call if first System::init call returned
  • Fixed SoundGroup with FMOD_SOUNDGROUP_BEHAVIOR_MUTE behaviour, and
    FMOD_INIT_VOL0_BECOMES_VIRTUAL used, not going virtual immediately, but only
    after moving the 3d source or listener.
  • Fixed MIDI notes sometimes getting suck on (sustain forever).
  • Fixed crash when using FMOD_INIT_ENABLE_PROFILE with large DSP networks.
  • Fixed System::setAmbientReverbProperties not enabling reverb before a
    createReverb call.
  • Fixed crash when releasing system object after a profiler initialization error.
  • Fixed setInputChannelMix not taking effect until the next System::update with
    3d sounds. (2d worked ok).

  • Win32 – Fixed memory error being returned when enumerating a system with
    more input devices than output devices.

  • Mac – fixed useplugins example Makefile to correctly link with plugins dylib.
  • Mac – Fixed issues with applications using event loops.
  • Mac – Fixed init failure on certain recording devices such as the
    iSight camera.
  • PS2 – Fixed garbled noise when mixing mono and stereo sounds in an FSB vag stream.
  • PS3 – Fixed problems with distortion effect for high values of FMOD_DSP_DISTORTION_LEVEL.
  • PS3 – Fixed very rare pops when playing sounds.
  • PS3 – Fixed crash when inserting a DSP effect in a certain DSP tree configuration.
  • PS3 – Fixed occasional popping coming from mixer with a busy DSP tree.
  • PS3 – FIxed distortion when rapidly updating DSP SFX Reverb parameters.
  • PS3 – fix chirp noise when sound ends.
  • PS3 – Fixed occasional crackling in DSP Echo filter.
  • GC/Wii – Fixed file access alignment issue if user file callbacks were used.
  • PS3 – Fixed echo not working on 8 channels.
  • Wii – Fixed instance 0 system reverb properties being overwritten when setting
    instance 1 properties.
  • Linux – Tweaked ALSA output mode to better support requested DSP buffer

  • FSBankEx – Fixed caching sometimes not working

  • FSBankEx – fix .fsbcache directory from not working on unix style environments
    by changing ‘\’ to ‘/’.
  • FSBankEx – Fixed FSBs built from cache being slightly different to original
  • FSBankEx – Fixed crash when using MP2/MP3 compression with small files

  • Event API – incorrect mute behaviour with getEvent and category mute fixed.

  • Event API – stopped releasing an event from a stop callback of the
    same event causing a recursive loop and crashing.
  • Event API – Fix memory corruption from logging system when releasing
    an event (fmodexL only).
  • Event API – Fixed MusicPrompt::begin to support theme start segments with
    cue conditions
  • Event API – Fixed EventProject::release to reset the music system before
    freeing music data (prevents crashes)
  • Event API – If the transition timer is running and the main theme ends,
    start the target theme immediately (don’t wait for the timer)
  • Event API – Fixed event "Steal quietest" max playbacks behaviour sometimes
    erroneously falling back to "Steal oldest"
  • Event API – Fixed endian issues in music data loading which broke music
    playback on big-endian platforms
  • Event API – Fixed MusicSystem::setPaused logic to handle beat syncing
  • Event API – Fixed music system applying tempo changes too early
  • Event API – Fixed memory leaks in music system
  • Event API – Fixed memory error due to sound definitions with no entries
  • Event API – Fixed music system crashing after restarting the event system
  • Event API – Fixed typos in FMOD_EVENT_PROPERTY speaker enumeration docs
  • Event API – Fixed music system handling of empty segments
  • Event API – Fixed network tweaking of category volume/pitch
  • Event API – Fixed rare silent sounds when primary parameter moved very quickly
  • Event API – Fixed network auditioning with FMOD_EVENT_INIT_DONTUSENAMES
  • Event API – Fixed 64-bit EventSystem::load failing with FMOD_ERR_MEMORY
  • Event API – Fixed oneshot events with sounds with loop counts not stopping
  • Event API – Fixed network tweaking crash between Windows and Mac.
  • Event API – Fixed 3D Pan effect to be relative to the Event 3D Pan level

    use with the new profiler tool.

  • When using FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO, specifying a suggestedsoundtype of
    FMOD_SOUND_TYPE_MPEG will now load any tag data which will also
    allow loading of MPEG files with more than 4k of tags at the file start.
  • Event API – "Sequential" sound definitions are now continuous across
    freeEventData calls
  • .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.13.06 requires FMOD version 4.13.06,
    4.12.06 or higher.
  • On Mac when using the device list changed callback, the user must process the
    application event queue to allow FMOD to detect device list changes.
  • System::setCallback now uses void* for commanddata1 and commanddata2
    parameters instead of unsigned int for 64bit compatibility.
  • PS3 – Now built with GCC Toolchain 4.1.1.
  • PS3 – Name SPURS taskset to "FMOD".
  • PS3 – Now built with SDK 220.002
  • Linux / Mac. Got rid of pdf documentation and replaced with chm. Use
    xchm and equivalents to view on these platforms.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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