I have a music score playing at all time and sometime I would like to add a percussion loop to intensify the actual music. I’ve created a FMOD::MusicPrompt object to start this percussion loop.

Starting the loop is no problem.
Stopping the loop is done with a parameter and work perfectly.
Restarting the loop again doesn’t work.

Is a cue intended to work only one time or did I miss something ?

I’m a newbie and I can add clarification if needed.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

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You should be able to start the loop again by calling MusicPrompt::begin. However there might be something peculiar to your project that is preventing the theme from restarting.

I’d be interested in looking at your project if you’d like to forward it to support@fmod.org.


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Thank for the quick reply.

I found something after a little more testing…

In the FMOD Designer Music tab,
My main theme was set to Playback Method : Sequenced
My percussion loop theme was set to Playback Method : Concurrent.

Here a summary of my code :

FMOD::MusicPrompt* pMainLoop= NULL;
m_pFMODMusicSystem->prepareCue(MUSICCUE_SOUNDTEST_MAINLOOP, &pMainLoop);

FMOD::MusicPrompt* pPercussionLoop= NULL;
m_pFMODMusicSystem->prepareCue(MUSICCUE_SOUNDTEST_01, &pPercussionLoop);

if (Enter Key Pressed)
if (!pPercussionLoop->isActive())

I’ve try changing the Playback Method of my percussion loop from Concurrent to Sequenced and now it’s working.
I can stop and play and the music will pass from the main theme to the percussion loop but they will obviously not play at the same time (The case I want).

The percussion loop is unstoppable in Concurrent case.
But if I trace the code, in both case, it will go at the supposed place (IsActive= false -> begin()) (IsActive= true -> end()).

If you want I can send you the designer project with my case or I could write a command line version of my example if needed.

Hope all is there and make sense !

Thank again for your time ๐Ÿ˜€

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It does sound like you’ll want a concurrent theme for your percussion loop. Unfortunately we’ve found a bug will prevent you from designing this theme in a conventional fashion.

Ideally you’d follow these steps:
[:2l4c9tif]Create a concurrent theme[/:m:2l4c9tif]
[:2l4c9tif]Stamp down a segment for your percussion sample[/:m:2l4c9tif]
[:2l4c9tif]Mark the segment as both a start and stop segment[/:m:2l4c9tif]
[:2l4c9tif]Create a looping link[/:m:2l4c9tif][/list:o:2l4c9tif]
However you’ll notice that the segment will not loop. This is a symptom of the bug.

As a work around try these steps:
[:2l4c9tif]Create a concurrent theme[/:m:2l4c9tif]
[:2l4c9tif]Stamp down a segment for your percussion sample[/:m:2l4c9tif]
[:2l4c9tif]Mark the segment as just a start segment[/:m:2l4c9tif]
[:2l4c9tif]Create a looping link with a cue condition[/:m:2l4c9tif][/list:o:2l4c9tif]
Ensure the cue condition refers to the same cue you’ve assigned the percussion theme to. Simply open the condition editor on your looping link and then drag in the percussion cue from your list cues.

We hope to have the bug fixed shortly. Thanks for your patience.

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