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A friend of mine has tested my game and his sound card seems to have problems mixing the sounds. My game is a racing game and i’m mixing a number of engine sounds with frequency adjusted depending on revs.

I initially had created the sound using FMOD_DEFAULT, I had expected that to choose either hardware of software for me, but it doesn’t seem to be working (probably a driver issue?). I forced it to use FMOD_SOFTWARE and the sounds started working as intended.

The sound card is an intergrated AD1985 sound chip from Analog Devices (Soundmax).

Has anyone come across this problem. Is there any way to detect the problem and force FMOD_SOFTWARE programmatically?

There were no FMOD errors reported ( I check each result and log any non FMOD_OK results )

Thanks for your help
All the best,

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I always use FMOD_SOFTWARE, I use a realtek, and the sounds just refuse to play on it unless it’s software.

I’m surprised FMOD_HARDWARE is even the default anymore, you should have to specify it implicitly imo.

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