I’ve searched the forums but only found a few posts related to this method, and none of them seemed to be the same as the issue I’m seeing.

I’m trying to override the FADEIN/FADEOUT properties on an event, but the ‘this_instance’ parameter (the last passed to Event::setPropertyByIndex()) doesn’t seem to behave as I expected.

A new instance of the event is created like this:

[code:6vs5c230]lastFmodError = fmodEventSystem->getEventBySystemID(fmodResource->fmodSystemId, FMOD_EVENT_NONBLOCKING, &fmodEvent);

Then I use the event instance to change the fade properties like this:

[code:6vs5c230]lastFmodError = fmodEvent->setPropertyByIndex(FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_FADEIN, &fadeInMillisecondsAsInteger, TRUE);

The event is subsequently started like so:

[code:6vs5c230]lastFmodError = fmodEvent->start();[/code:6vs5c230]

If I subsequently create a instance of the same event (using getEventBySystemID), but don’t set any of the properties, then that new instance will play using the fade values set by the last call to setPropertyByIndex(), and not the default values as set on the event in FMOD Designer.

Have I misunderstood the behaviour here, and am using this incorrectly? I’m using 4.14.04 (Win32) at the moment.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


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